The Common Causes Of Yeast Infection

Candidiasis is another name for yeast infection and could be prominently found in the vaginal area. It is due to the formation of certain bacteria in the vagina that can also affect the men, especially the uncircumcised ones, by means of sexual relations. Women, at one time or another, have contracted this infection, but no serious problems are caused by them.

There are varied reasons for getting a yeast infection, but unprotected sex is the main issue. Candida albicans, the major ingredient of a yeast infection can be caused from the unprotected sex between partners which occurs in the mouth, vagina, and the anus.

Some causes of yeast infection:

·         Condoms containing nonoxynol-9, a lubricant has also been shown to cause yeast infection but a great protection against HIV virus.

·         Diet can be a culprit especially when the food has high yeast content.

·         Hormonal imbalances caused by fluctuations in the immune system could give way to yeast infections.

·         Long usage of antibiotics used to combat other infections can cause yeast infections.

·         Over dyed clothes and tight fitted underwear breed bacteria leading to yeast infections.

·         Contraceptive pills that are rich in hormones also breed yeast infections.

·         Tearing and scarring in the vaginal area causes yeast infection that can bring symptoms such as burning, itchiness, discomfort, and irritation.

·         Acne, swelling and painful breasts, depression, and anxiety can also breed yeast infections.

As stated before, yeast infections are not serious but can cause discomfort in women. There are home-made remedies that can ward off yeast infections as well as medications. The best way though would still be prevention which is to avoid the things that can bring it on. Sexual activity does not have to be curtailed as long as protective barriers are used. However, it should also be taken into consideration that the lubricant used in the condom should not contain nonoxynol-9 which has been proven to cause yeast infections.

A diet that is high in sugar and yeast products would naturally cause yeast infections. Yeast thrives on high sugary diets which need to be avoided when the yeast infection is present.

If a contraceptive pill is observed to cause recurring yeast infections, the best remedy would be to consult an OB-GYNE doctor to have it changed to a different brand that contains lesser levels of hormones. It has been proven that hormonal imbalances bring on yeast infections and hormones are the main ingredient in every contraceptive pill.

Tight underwear may look sexy, but the yeast infection that it causes may make you think twice before using or buying one. Dark colored and silky underwear are also breeding grounds for yeast infections. Same goes for panty liners. Too much wearing of panty liners has been known to cause the infection. It is advised to schedule days for wearing the panty liners as bacteria love to breed in them.

Self-treatment can clear yeast infections in a few days, however, should the infection become uncomfortable and painful, a visit to the doctor is still the best remedy.